Laurence Jammes

  • Un cahier de Toute Petite Section avec des activités en langage, lecture, graphisme, maths, découverte du monde pour s'exercer toute l'année en s'amusant. Avec des autocollants et un grand poster thématique.

  • Chouette maternelle ; tout le programme ; TPS Nouv.

    Un cahier de Toute Petite Section avec des activités en langage, lecture, graphisme, maths, explorer le monde pour s'exercer toute l'année en s'amusant. Avec des autocollants, un jeu de lecture et un poster thématique.

  • This book presents a history of shock compression science, including development of experimental, material modeling, and hydrodynamics code technologies over the past six decades at Sandia National Laboratories. The book is organized into a discussion of major accomplishments by decade with over 900 references, followed by a unique collection of 45 personal recollections detailing the trials, tribulations, and successes of building a world-class organization in the field. It explains some of the challenges researchers faced and the gratification they experienced when a discovery was made. Several visionary researchers made pioneering advances that integrated these three technologies into a cohesive capability to solve complex scientific and engineering problems. What approaches worked, which ones did not, and the applications of the research are described. Notable applications include the turret explosion aboard the USS Iowa and the Shoemaker-Levy comet impact on Jupiter. The personal anecdotes and recollections make for a fascinating account of building a world-renowned capability from meager beginnings. This book will be inspiring to the expert, the non expert, and the early-career scientist. Undergraduate and graduate students in science and engineering who are contemplating different fields of study should find it especially compelling.

  • Striking changes have occurred in the world since the publication of the last edition of Viral Infections of Humans. The global population is rapidly approaching 8 billion; climate change is leading to the introduction of new hosts, vectors and virus diseases heretofore never seen in many parts of the world; technological advances have revolutionized the ability to recognize and characterize viruses new and old; vaccines are altering the epidemiological landscape of the diseases they target, in some cases raising the hope of their eradication and remarkably powerful computational tools are enabling not only detection of outbreaks of disease much sooner than in the past but also, through complex mathematical modeling, more accurate prediction of their potential impact.The new Fifth Edition of Viral Infections of Humans captures the both the excitement and frustration of the dynamic struggle between humankind and the viruses that continue to cause immense suffering.  It presents the latest concepts, methods and technologies in epidemiology, detection, investigation, modeling and intervention. Updated and entirely new chapters by dozens of experts across the field provide analytic summaries of current knowledge of viruses and prions causing acute syndromes, chronic illnesses and/or malignancies. In sum, this ambitiously expanded volume offers a uniquely comprehensive perspective on viruses in humans, from agents of classic diseases (e.g., hepatitis, measles, polio, rabies and yellow fever), to those with greatest pandemic impact (e.g., influenza and human immunodeficiency virus), to those discovered relatively recently (e.g., henipavirus, metapneumovirus and norovirus).The new Fifth Edition of Viral Infections of Humans is an invaluable reference for students, fellows and established professionals in the fields of microbiology, public health and infectious disease epidemiology, medicine and health policy.

  • This book presents the combined proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Multimedia and Ubiquitous Engineering (MUE 2019) and the 14th International Conference on Future Information Technology (Future Tech 2019), both held in Xi'an, China, April 24 - 26, 2019.

    The aim of these two meetings was to promote discussion and interaction among academics, researchers and professionals in the field of ubiquitous computing technologies.

    These proceedings reflect the state of the art in the development of computational methods, involving theory, algorithms, numerical simulation, error and uncertainty analysis and novel applications of new processing techniques in engineering, science, and other disciplines related to ubiquitous computing.

  • Pour l´amour de Peter, Arlene James Lorsque le richissime Darren Rudd accepte de financer son projet d´aide aux jeunes défavorisés, Charlene ne peut qu´admirer sa générosité. Tout comme elle est sensible à son charme irrésistible. Mais Charlène, qui espère adopter Peter, un petit garçon qu´elle accueille chez elle depuis un an, ne peut se permettre de vivre une aventure. Surtout pas avec un homme comme Darren...

    Rencontre avec une inconnue, Kathryn Jensen Antoine est furieux : quelqu´un a usurpé son identité pour se lancer dans une activité d´escorte ! Afin de rétablir la vérité, le voilà obligé de rencontrer la première cliente de l´imposteur - une certaine Maria McPherson. Mais au lieu de l´intrigante qu´il imaginait, Antoine découvre une jeune femme ravissante et timide, qui prétend être, comme lui, victime d´un canular...

    Un mariage de raison, Kim Lawrence Beau, riche et influent, Luca Di Rossi obtient toujours ce qu´il veut. Et ce qu´il veut, c´est épouser Jude. Une proposition que la jeune femme accepte le coeur lourd. Car Luca a été clair : pour lui, il n´est pas question d´amour mais d´un stratagème afin d´obtenir la garde définitive de sa fille. En échange, assure-t-il, Jude aura tout ce qu´elle désire. Si seulement il savait qu´elle ne désire que lui...